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Download Instructions

1.Click the FREE DOWNLOAD Button

2. When asked if you want to Save or Run, choose Run.

3. Ignore any Windows/Internet Explorer security warnings (FarmFact is completely save).

4. Follow remaining onscreen instructions.

5. Call us TOLL FREE (800) 841-5521 to speak with a live representative to help you get started



Watch Product Demonstration Video

You will see the following dialog boxes during download/setup

This dialog tells you that the file you are about to run is from the internet. Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 will show this as a strip at the bottom of the browser window.


This dialog is from Windows. It identifies our setup program as being created and published by our company, Associated Agri-Business, Inc. We are a verified software publisher.


This dialog is the first dialog you will see from the FarmFact setup program. This box gives you the option of saving the download package on your computer. We recommend using this setting if you plan to transport the installation file to another computer. Otherwise you should just click Next.

This is the FarmFact Installer it will install the most current version of FarmFact on your computer.



FarmFact is a trademark of Associated Agri-Business, Inc. 100 South State St. Jerseyville, IL 62052 USA