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February 14 - 17 2024
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Manage multiple client accounts.
Create as many client accounts as desired.      
Also create unlimited tax years within each client account.
Manage Cash Accounting
Easy access to your bank account register along with 200 preset entry codes handle all of your accounting activities, and can be customized with additional levels of detail appropriate to individual needs.
Manage Inventory
Keep track of your inventory with flexible static or accrual methods. Generate an up-to-the-minute balance sheet at any time during the year.
Simple Payroll
Perform simple payroll, complete with check printing, salary calculation and automatic withholdings.
Print Invoices
Generate invoices for one time use or add charges and payments for a running statement of account throughout the tax year.
Integrated Check Writer
Compatible with a wide variety of check printing stock.
Works with Ink-Jet or Laser Printers.
Remote Backup
Protect your data with secure off-site backup using any
internet connection.

Document Library Organizer
Keep track of receipts, scale tickets, grain contracts, chemical labels and any other important documents using any scanner.

Virtrual Printer
Installs as a printer on your system. Send ANY printable document to the Document Library Organizer


Sample Reports
Requires Adobe Reader

  Balance Sheet   Vendor List

  Actual Cash Flow




  Invoice Sample
  Notes, Loans, and Mortgages
  Reconciliation Statement
  Ledger Balance and Schedule F
  Income Statement   1099 Listing
  Farm Expense Ledger  
  Farm Income Ledger  


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Kansas "Developed by farmers..."    




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